MOB Geocaches

MOB Geocaches aim to gather certain number of people at specific place and ask them to open the same URL with their mobile devices. As soon as the system detects the required number of connected devices, it will display the final geocache coordinates and an optional hint.

Find an existing MOB

If you want to discover coordinates of an existing MOB geocache, use the URL provided in the geocache listing or search for the desired page with its GC code.

Create your MOB geocache

Firstly, you need to create your geocache listing in order to obtain your GC code. Do not publish your cache yet. Fill in the form to set up your MOB.

This is the GC code of your new MOB Geocache.

Where the attendees should go to open the page? This should be probably the same as the coordinates of the geocache (mystery) icon.

How many meters from the above coordinates attendees can be to still count them for a MOB?

How many devices should have the page opened to reveal the coordinates?

The coordinates of the final cache that will be revealed when the conditions are met.

The message to show for all the attendees when the conditions are met.